1.What is Carpe Society?

It's like a dating app, but for making friends. And it's hilarious. It connects you to people nearby based on how you answer funny personality quizzes.

2.How do I friend?

Answer three funny questions. After each set you'll earn a personality type. The algorithm will then show you nine compatible people nearby. Anonymously pick your favorites. If someone picks you too, we'll make an intro. It's a double opt-in selection process, which is a fancy way of saying you must select each other before an introduction is made.

3.But what if I'm looking for more than just friends?

Carpe Society is intended for those seeking platonic friendships. That said, we would never restrict you from becoming more than friends. You do you. This is America, after all.

4.What if I don't like any of the choices that show up?

That's totally fine! Just swipe left on all the choices that pop up, answer three more questions, and we'll try to find better matches for you. If you don't want certain types of people showing up as options (not all 18 year olds are trying to befriend a 65 year old), adjust your Settings on the Social Graph page.

5.How do I adjust my Settings?

Go to your Social Graph by tapping on the icon in the top left corner of your screen and then click the gear icon in the top right corner.

6.What's up with the personality types?

They're called archetypes, m'kay? They are there to get you thinking about yourself and how you're perceived by others. Every time you answer a new set of questions, you get a new archetype.

7.What's up with the societies?

They're like group chats. Keep in touch with new people you've met on the app or your existing Facebook friends that you've added to your Social Graph.

8.How do I create a society?

Tap the plus sign in the lower right corner of your Social Graph.

9.Can I unmatch someone?

Yup. Tap their name in the Social Graph, and again in the chat. Tap the button with three vertical dots in the top right corner of their profile. Here you can unmatch, block, or report the user. Bye, Felicia!

10.Is there a way I can get paired with just women/men?

Yes, of course. Go to your settings, scroll to the "Show Me" section and highlight the gender of your choice. Currently we only have two.

11.I have an idea for an archetype or question. Can I send that to you?

Definitely! We're always generating new archetypes and questions for the app and would love your input. Send your ideas to [email protected]. If we like what you send us, we'll put it in the app.

12.Are you a cult?

No. Now shut up and drink this.