Our Mission

The Internet is completely awesome. Think about it: a lifetime's worth of cat videos, free two-day shipping, on-demand hot singles in YOUR area...Very awesome.

You know the Internet and you love it. And you spend more time on social media than any other online activity. Yes, more than porn.

But let’s be real, shares, likes, and favorites are no substitute for handshakes, hugs, and eye contact. For all the convenience we’ve gained…our friendships, identity and purpose now frequently get lost in our digital feeds.

Carpe Society's mission is to help people make great new real life friends.

Sounds cool, but like what IS it? An ointment? Diet-supplement? Fairy dust?

Basically the next best thing: it's like a dating app, but for making friends. And it's hilarious. It connects you to people nearby based on how you answer funny personality quizzes.

This is bigger than the both of us. Don't keep Carpe Society to yourself.