Our Team

Beyond the entertaining and mundane, do you believe that social media should help people improve their lives? We’re thinking about something even bigger than hilarious cat videos. Much bigger.

We've created the best communications system in the history of mankind — the internet — but is it being used to make our lives better? In the 1950s around 10% of adults were lonely. That number today is a staggering 40%. What’s worse, more than half of Americans say they have no one outside their family to confide in.

Carpe Society is founded on the belief that it’s the quality, not the quantity of social connections and real life experiences that lead to true happiness.

Our mission: help people make great new real life friends.

If you can work effectively in start-up environment, have a great technical mind, are a strategic thinker, team player, strong creative force and/or are generally very funny – we want to talk to you.

Our Values

  • Empower people, especially by helping them find great new friends.
  • Don’t ask what is, focus on what should be.
  • Comedy, nostalgia and emotion are our weapons - use them in noble pursuits.
  • Push the envelope whenever possible.
  • Smile and laugh, a lot. And get others to do it too.
  • Value our community members’ privacy.
  • Be a mensch.

Current Openings